General Admission

Q) What are your opening hours?
Our hours are:

  • Monday - closed

  • Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 5pm

  • Friday to Sunday 10am - 6pm

  • Statutory Holidays 11am - 5pm

During school breaks such as Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks, we will be open on Mondays. 

Q) What are your admission prices?
Our prices (+ GST) are:

  • Weekday - $18.95/child (includes 1 accompanying adult)

    • Toddler Tuesdays is $14.50/toddler under the age of 5 (includes 1 accompanying adult)

  • Weekend - $20.95/child (includes 1 accompanying adult)

  • Additional adults - $9.50 – weekday / $10.50 – weekend

Q) Do you offer any discounts?
We offer a Loyalty Card that includes 10 visits for $175 (+ GST). This is available for purchase at our Front Reception desk. We offer group rates to a minimum of 10 paying child admissions. This rate is available for $14.50 plus GST for weekdays and $17.50 plus GST for weekends. Groups must book ahead and arrive together.

Q) What is the ideal age suitable for your facility?
Kidtropolis is fun for all ages, but the activities and interactions are most appropriate for children aged 2 years to 10 years of age.

Q) What security measures do you have in place?
We have enter and exit gates to prevent children from running out on their own. However, the responsibility is with the caregiver to maintain supervision of their children. We have similar safety protocols to Vancouver Aquarium, Science World and Playland. 

Q) Can I drop off my child?
Kidtropolis is an unsupervised indoor playground facility. Child minding programming is not something Kidtropolis currently offers. A parent or guardian must accompany a child at all times. We encourage parent (or adult) participation during a time of great imagining!

We will offer Spring Break, Summer and Winter Camps that will be available for registration. These programs will provide supervision by our Kid Camp Leaders. 

Kidtropolis also hosts Kids Night Out on select dates. These events will be supervised by our Team Members. Check our Kids Night Out page for upcoming dates!

Q) Is Kidtropolis accessible to wheelchairs and strollers?
Yes! We have party rooms that are wheelchair accessible and we have a large open area available for stroller parking. Please note that Kidtropolis is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q) Is there special attire required to play at Kidtropolis?
We encourage comfortable play wear for the kids.Please note that socks are required on the indoor climbing structure. If you don’t have socks, new socks are available for purchase at our reception desk.

Q) Can I bring my own food?
No outside food please. We have a full service café counter that offers a variety of options for kids and adults.

Q) Can we bring food in to the play area?
We ask that all food and beverages be enjoyed in the café area (or in the party rooms during a party). We strive to maintain a clean and safe environment for kids to play; avoiding spills and stains will prevent slips and falls.

Q) Are you a nut-free facility?
We make every reasonable attempt to be a peanut/tree nut-free facility, however, some food is prepared off-site and we cannot guarantee that every allergen in the food served will be identified or labeled.

Q) Do you have Gift Cards?
Yes! We offer re-loadable Gift Cards in any denomination you desire. These cards can be used on the weekend or throughout the week towards general admission or at our Munchies cafe. Gift Cards can be purchased at our front reception or conveniently online.

Q) What is your Privacy Policy?
We respect your privacy! The World of Kidtropolis will not collect personal information about any guest unless it is voluntarily submitted to us. The data you supply on any form, application or request for information will not be sold to other organizations for any purpose. The data may be used to inform you of the World of Kidtropolis activities and opportunities, and for internal evaluation of Kidtropolis programs. You may opt out of receiving this information. We may also use the data to help us evaluate the success of the World of Kidtropolis events and design future offerings.

Birthday Parties

Guest Questions

Q)  Is the birthday child included in the total number of children allowed for the party package?
A)  Yes, the birthday child is included in the party package count.

Q)  What happens if there are a few extra guests?
A)  Children under the age of 2 are not counted. For any child 2 and over, an additional child fee of $19+GST per child will apply.

Q)  Do I need to pay extra for any adult guests coming to my party?
A)  There is a maximum allowable amount of adults for which there is no fee. Additional adults may incur an additional charge. Please refer to our kids birthday party package information for maximum allowable adults per package. 

Q)  Will my adult guests have place settings set up as well?
A)  All seating in the party rooms is meant for child guests, so all place settings will be for children. We will, however, be supplying plates, cups, napkins and cutlery for your adult guests to enjoy their food as well.

Q)  Do children under the age of 2 count towards the children included in the party package?
A)  No, children under the age of 2 do not count towards that number. Children under the age of two are free.

Q)  If an older sibling/cousin will not be playing in the facility, because they are 12 or over, will they still be counted in the number of guests in my package? 
A)  No, your child will be counted as an adult, and not be counted as a child in your package.

Party Room Decorations:

Q) How will the party room be decorated?
A)  We will be setting up the tables with tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and cutlery for each child attending.

Q) How much time do I have to decorate the room before my party?
A) We do our best to try to provide a complimentary 15 minutes before the beginning of your party so that you can have some extra time to decorate.

Q) Am I allowed to bring in decorations?
A) Yes, you may bring in your decorations. We will try to provide you with a complimentary 15 minutes before the beginning of your party, so you can decorate.

Q)  Can I put up a birthday banner?
A) Yes, you may, but we ask that only painter’s tape be used when adhering anything to the walls; any other tape will damage the paint.

Q) Can I bring in balloons?
A)  Yes, you may. We ask that all balloons stay within the party room during the party, and be taken to your car if you or your guests will be staying to play after your party ends. No balloons are allowed in the play area, if they were to pop, they would present a possible choking hazard for our younger guests.

Event Entertainers:

Q) Do you have any event entertainers that you recommend?
A)  Yes, we have a list of “Friends of Kidtropolis” that we have worked with, that we highly recommend. Please refer to our, “Friends of Kidtropolis” category on our website to learn more about them.

Outside Food / Allergies & Special Diets:

Q)  Am I allowed to bring in outside food or drinks?
A)  Outside food or drinks are not allowed in the facility during regular business hours, other than your cake or cupcakes for reserved birthday parties. We do make an exception in the case of guests having dietary restrictions due to allergies or religious beliefs.

Private catering and outside food/drinks are allowed for our private events that are booked outside of our regular business hours.

Q)  One of the children coming to the party has food allergies. Do you have anything that he/she can eat? 
A)  While we may have some options that your guest can have, we strongly suggest that his/her meal come from home. We strive to be a peanut/nut-free facility, but other allergens are present in our kitchen; therefore, we cannot guarantee that there isn’t a risk of cross contamination.

Q)  We have a Kosher diet, can we bring our own food and drinks?
A)   Please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs.

Q)  Why am I not allowed to bring in any outside food or drinks?
A)  The reason why we do not allow any outside food or drinks is because we strive to be a peanut/nut tree free facility. Therefore, we try to limit any form of cross contamination coming into our facility by means of outside food being brought in. 

Q)  Do you have any gluten-free pizzas?
A)  While we do not make gluten-free pizzas on our premises, we are able to source them out. Please contact us if you would like more information on this option.

Q)  Why can’t I bring in an ice cream cake?
A)  The reason why we do not allow ice cream cakes is because they usually come from facilities where peanuts and nuts are highly present. We do our best to try to keep Kidtropolis as allergy friendly as possible.

Waiver Forms:

Q)  Why do I need to fill out a waiver form?
A) Our waiver form has information on our rules and policies which all guests need to read and adhere to, and it is also needed to have access to the facility.

Q)  Once the waiver form has been signed, do I need to print it out?
A)  There is no need to print the waiver form. Once it has been filled out, it will go directly into our system. 

Q)  Can my guests fill out their waiver forms once at Kidtropolis?
A)  Yes, they may; however, we strongly suggest that it be filled out prior to their arrival, this will speed the process for them to be able to attend your party. Our waiver form can be found here.

Q)  Once I am there, and am filling out the waiver form, can my child go inside and play?
A)  All children must have a valid waiver form before they can enter our facility.

Q)  If I am hosting a birthday party, can I sign a waiver for all my guests?
A)  Yes, you may; however, most parents prefer to have their guests’ parents fill out their own waiver form, this will make the guests’ parents responsible for any damage or injury caused by their child.

Q)  If I have already filled out a waiver on a previous visit, do I need to fill out another one?
A)  If you have already filled out the electronic waiver form, you do not need to fill it out again. They are valid for one year.

Q)  Do you have a paper waiver form that I can sign instead?
A)  We do not have a paper version of our waiver form. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and try to reduce the amount of paper being used.