The World of Kidtropolis is actively looking for the finest candidates to becomes franchise licensees for the The World of Kidtropolis facilities.




The World of Kidtropolis is founded on the belief that the power of imaginative, experiential play can support robust, creative childhood development for happier, healthier children! Our team has a passion for nurturing kids and helping parents unleash their imagination through the world of pretend play! Our team is also passionate about our communities, we believe that giving back to the community and raising awareness for local cause is an integral part of our business model. If you share our passions, you may be the perfect candidate to open a Kidtropolis facility for the children in your community!



Our vision is a world full of children with rich imaginations, creativity, capability and a strong sense of family and community. We strive to achieve this vision by sharing our proven success model with talented entrepreneurs. At The World of Kidtropolis we want to bring back play to help the communities in a multitude of ways. We hope to help children and parents reconnect and build strong families, entrepreneurs build strong business and to bring success and fulfillments to our partners and employees.


Our team is dedicated to the spirit of service and aim to offer the best customer service to our guest and their little ones. The key to a successful business is ultimately about getting and keeping satisfied customers. We strive to make sure our guests are well taken care of and leave happy with wonderful memories of their adventures at The World of Kidtropolis. We believe that their experience at The World of Kidtropolis can help them develop into happier and healthier children. So, we always try to bring a smile to each and everyone of our guests’ faces.

When children are happy, healthy, inspired and engaged, they learn better, socialize better, sleep better, laugh more, cry less, solve problems better and have more ways to express themselves well. The same holds true for parents!



Our team built The World of Kidtropolis on a set of fundamental values. If you share our passion for excellence, you may be the perfect candidate for The World of Kidtropolis city for the children in your community

As a family entertainment center, we value inspiration, imagination, creativity, celebration and community. We believe that playing together and with their families in a nurturing environment is an essential bonding experience for children and parents alike.

As a business, we value safety, security, cleanliness and health. The World of Kidtropolis holds our facilities to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for customers and our employees alike. Our customers have the peace-of-mind that our facilities are safe for their children to explore and play to their heart’s content.

As business owners, we value success, trust and respect. We believe that an excellent business is founded on respect with partners that have open communication and trust in each other. We all strive for the business to be successful to open the doors to different investment opportunities and growth for stakeholders.


The largest opportunity to differentiate the franchise model is by creating a highly successful business model.  All franchisees must embrace The World of Kidtropolis core values and vision. A World of Kidtropolis Franchisee will be fully equipped for profitability by following a successful model and leveraging the knowledge and support of the Franchisor.

For any franchise inquiries, they can be directed to franchise@kidtropolis.ca.



What are the qualities you look for in a franchisee?
At The World of Kidtropolis, we are selective as to whom we award the franchise to. We seek candidates who embrace our core values and our vision to influence children to learn and be the best they can be. 

Why should I become a The World of Kidtropolis franchisee?
We are an all Canadian company with a proven track record of success. Our team is capable of leading generation support through social media, website design/content and local event support. As a franchisee, you will be guaranteed high-quality product and equipment supply chains. We also partake in national sponsorships and partnership to promote The World of Kidtropolis.

What is the criteria for a The World of Kidtropolis franchisee?
The potential candidate should know our investment would require between $800K - $1.2M depending on size, scope and geographical location. The candidate would need a minimum of $500,000 in liquid assets and arrange for a private or small business loan for the remainder investment. The candidate must be locally based in their proposed operating country and possess the proper resources and “know-how” to achieve business success. We would love to discuss further with you, please contact us at franchise@kidtropolis.ca.

How do I find a location to operate a The World of Kidtropolis franchise?  
Kidtropolis has site criteria to guide you through the search and once a short-list of location opportunities is compiled we will review and provide guidance in the negotiations.

In which cities are you looking to open a The World of Kidtropolis facility??
Target Markets for franchise locations

Western Canada

Primary Markets
Vancouver, BC (3)
Victoria, BC
Calgary, AB
Edmonton, AB
Winnipeg, MN

Eastern Canada

Primary Markets
Toronto, ON (3)
Halifax, NS
Montreal, QC (2)


If you fall into these cities and you are interested in becoming a franchisee or if you would like to propose other locations, please contact us at franchise@kidtropolis.ca.

Do I need any specialized training or licenses?
If your application is accepted, we will provide you with all the training and support you require to open a The World of Kidtropolis location. Our system includes initial training and ongoing support, on site visits to help strengthen your business, marketing and advertising programs to help grow the business, meetings to network with other franchisees, national sponsorship revenues and more…

How much money can I make?
This is the most common question asked. There are many variables to consider which will influence your return on investment; location, marketplace, competition, labour costs, to name just a few. The biggest influence of how much money you will make is ultimately you and your execution of the World of Kidtropolis business model. We will provide you with the financial model and tools for you to create your own cash flow projections. This can be used to arrange your financing, if needed. 



We are dedicated to expanding our business and bringing back play for children and parents around the world. Our team is here to help you decide if we align with your personal and financial goals and values.

1.  Review the Website

Use this website as a guide and initial debrief on whether The World of Kidtropolis is the right fit for your business plan. We provide a lot of great information on our Franchising Information and FAQs pages. If you have any further questions, please contact franchise@kidtropolis.ca.

2. Submit your Application

To own and start up a The World of Kidtropolis facility, we recommend a minimum of $500,000 in liquid assets. You will need at least $800,000, including business loans, to get the business up and running.

After submitting your preliminary application, our development team will get in touch with you to guide you through the qualification process.

3. Complete the Franchisee Qualification Process

Our experiences development team will guide you through out qualification process to ensure that The World of Kidtropolis is the right fit for your business plan. This can take anywhere between 60 – 90 days to complete.

For any other franchise inquiries, please contact franchise@kidtropolis.ca.